If you love to entertain or you regularly welcome family and friends to your home, a deck can give your home more hosting room. Not only do decks provide extra space to let guests breathe, but they're also a great place for kids and spill-prone adults to hang out. Decks also tend to be easier to clean than indoor spaces, so tidying up after a party isn't an issue.
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Deck Construction

Decks are usually located in the back of the home. These structures are raised from the ground and attached to the home. Most decks are constructed from wood building materials; however, there are other construction materials now available for the purpose of constructing a deck. Composite materials, which are manufactured from plastic and wood fibers, as well as plastic and vinyl selections are all used in residential deck designs. These outdoor structures can be built to any size or design for unique areas around the home. Since decks are designed to be attached to the home, they are considered to be permanent structures of the property. Here are some of the most common decking materials, their benefits and things to consider.


The traditional decking material, wood has many great qualities. Most varieties are either naturally weather-resistant or can be treated to be so. With a little regular maintenance, wood can enjoy a long life. This material is easy to stain and waterproof, and it tends to be very affordable. It does however require constant maintenance in the form of resealing, restaining,bcleaning and is one of the least expensive decking materials.


Composite decks typically last longer with less maintenance. Unlike wood, composite boards won't rot or crack. They do, however, cost more up front. Maintenance can also be a little tricky, since scratches show up easily, and stains can be permanent. As a synthetic material, it resists moisture, so you don't have to worry about rotting or sealing. You'll never have a termite problem with a composite deck, either.

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